Fatigue and Fracture Evaluation

I-95 BRI Project - PADOT
Rehabilitation of Betsy Ross Bridge Interchange ramps, including 58 spans. The structures contain many transverse box cross girders that are fracture critical and contain many fatigue sensitive details. The project requires all these details to be hands-on inspected and retrofitted if remaining fatigue life is low.

I-95 Restoration (RES) Project - PADOT
Performed ultrasonic and magnetic particle testing on a steel viaduct. The results are used to verify the results of a fatigue testing which includes continuous stress range measurement for three days. The measured data were reduced to estimate the remaining fatigue life of the fatigue sensitive details.
Fatigue at Floorbeam to Tied-Girder Connection Angle Evaluation - ACE
3-D local finite element study for fatigue cracks at Floorbeam to Tied-Girder Connection Angle of the Chesapeake City Tied-Arch Bridge.
Remote Health Monitoring and Load Modeling of Cracked Fracture Critical Bridge Components - PennDOT