Structural Testing

SEI has in-house strain gaging testing capability, which includes installing strain gages, data acquisition, data reduction, and analysis. The acquired testing data can be used to diagnose finite element models and/or to determine more accurate bridge ratings.

Walt Whitman Suspension Bridge Monitoring, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (for DRPA, subconsultant of HNTB)
Structure health Monitoring of the links connecting the stiffening trusses to the tower in the Walt Whitman Suspension Bridge. SEI installed twelve (12) strain gages, four (4) tiltmeters, two (2) displacement gages, and four (4) temperature to monitor long term behavior of the link under various temperature . The data are being collected remotely through wireless connection. The monitoring will continue for eight (8) months to determine if the pins connecting the links are frozen due to corrosion.

Conrail Bridge 0.16 - South Amboy, New Jersey (for Edwards & Kelcey, Inc.)
Diagnostic load testing by strain gaging was performed on a steel I-beam concrete encased bridges over an NJ Transit track. The testing was to determine; the composite action between the steel I-beams and the concrete encasement, the distribution of live load to the I-beams, the affect of the skewed track in relation to the I-beams, and a live load impact factor.

I-95 Restoration (RES) Project - PADOT, 6-0
Performed ultrasonic/magnetic particle testing on the State Road Viaduct to check fatigue cracks, performed concrete coring and testing to determine concrete strength and deterioration of a pre-stressed concrete viaduct. Managed strain gaging, and performed load testing as well as fatigue testing on the State Road Viaduct.


Hackensack River Vertical Lift Bridge Balancing Test - NJDOT
Balance testing using strain gages and in-house designed event marker device as shown in the picture to automatically record the number of revolutions of the shafts.


Impact Echo and Radiographic Testing on Building Basement Wall
Using the Impact Testing Method to determine wall thickness and The Radiographic Testing Method to determine rebar size and locations within wall.

Measuring Forces in Post-tensioned Bars on A Post-tensioned Steel Cross Girder Using Accelerometers- PENNDOT, 6-0

Remote Health Monitoring and Load Modeling of Cracked Fracture Critical Bridge Components - PennDOT