Experience and Services

SEI provides high quality consultativ e services in the following areas:
* Bridge Design & Rehabilitation, Inspection, and Rating
* Rigorous Seismic Analysis and Design
* Refined Fatigue and Fracture Evaluation
* Load Testing, Nondestructive Testing and Evaluatio, and remote Structural Health Monitoring
* Movable Bridge Structural Design and Inspection
* Special Structural (3-D) Analysis
* Building Design, Construction Inspection, and Evaluation
* Coordination and Client Interface
* H&H Study and Permitting
* Roadway Design

The professionals at SEI have extensive experience with a variety of structural types that include:
* Regular Highway and Railroad Bridges
* Curved Girder Bridges
* Steel, RC, and Masonry Arch Bridges
* Truss Bridges
* Suspension Bridges
* Movable Bridges
* Tied-Arch Bridges
* Pre/Post-Tensioned Bridges
* Pedestrian Bridges
* Buildings of Steel, Reinforced Concrete and Timber Construction